Hi friends and WELCOME to my lifestyle blog! The release of my blog has been planned for months and I am super excited to finally have this space to share with you all! For awhile, I have wanted a space outside of social media to share my life’s adventures and ideas without the pressure of being in front of a camera. I have always enjoyed journaling and writing about things I enjoy, however being in front of a camera .. not so much. I wanted something that I could call my own and that could remain true to my liking and enjoyment. That’s when I decided to create this space that I like to call “Melanated Millennial.”

Right now in my life, I am embarking on a journey as a new and young professional, fresh out of graduate school. I am completing my clinical fellowship as a speech pathologist and I am in a huge transition period of finding my passion, figuring out my purpose and constantly deciding what my weekend plans will include (especially now that college parties and studying are out of the picture).

With this blog, you’ll discover highlights from my latest adventures, my tasteful opinion on millennial topics and a bit of speech therapy tips/topics that I discover along my career journey.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by! Stay tuned for more posts as I embark on this unapologetic journey as a melanated millennial!

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